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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 29, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we are following two big stories this morning. residents rescued from an euro night fire -- overnight fire at a d.c. apartment building. gunfire erupts outsaid a funeral. what led to the violence and the latest on the search for a suspect. fox 5 morning news continues now. take a look outside on this wednesday morning. we look down on the washington monument this morning. good morning. this is fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey jaime a gurvir dhindsa. starting to feel a little bit more like the end of september and heading into october already, tuck. >> true t does. it feels great out there. we've got 50s and low 60s across the area. temperatures a good 10 degrees cooler than they were yesterday
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at this hour. nice of a to the day. finish to the day. >> i was getting concerned about that grin on your face. >> some rain on the way. a lot of rain in fact. let's get to a look at our satellite-radar. no problems this morning. we'll be dealing with a little sunshine and mostly cloudy skies. we've got a fetch of cloudiness and moisture moving in from the south and pushing quickly to the north. the bottom line is we've got a lot of rain in the forecast. not for your morning commute. i think this afternoon, just a couple of showers around later in the day but the main event gets in here tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow. because of that, we've got a flash flood watch. this goes into effect later tonight and will linger all day tomorrow. the potential is out there. this again is tomorrow's forecast for several inches of rain. and by several inchess, i mean two, three, maybe four inches of rain across parts of the area before this system wraps up. this will be a combination of an area of low pressure and
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left overtropical moisture which is currently across florida. it will be a deluge around here. 61 right now at reagan national. humidity, 70%. wind are out of the north at eight miles per hour. our forecast today, not bad. a little sun to start the day with temperatures in the low 60s. a couple of late day showers. most of the rain holds off until later tonight. >> let's check in with julie wright to get a look at traffic. >> a route that we normally take into work in northwest is shut town because of an apartment. you will find this activity blocking 16th street. we've got fewer trucks on the scene, an ambulance being a lot of activity still in place for the ongoing investigation. coming southbound from the beltway, you will want to bail out early, pick up your street. start using your numbered streets as alternative routes to avoid 16th street.
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it will be shut down for some time. the numbered streets will be peppered and flooded with people using those as the alternate routes. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. breaking news that we're following out of northwest washington this morning. several people have been injured as a result of that fire at an apartment in the # 100 block of 16th street. >> sarah simmons has been there. she joins us once again live from the scene with the latest. >> steve and gurvir, the fire is out at this point p effect else has been taken safely outside of this apartment building. as you mentioned, there were several injuries here. eight people that were taken to the hospital. five of them ended up going to the burn center and one child was taken to children's hospital. two people we understand at this point are in critical condition including that child. this all started at about 4:00 this morning. firefighters were called to this building on 16th street northwest near lamont.
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it is an eight-story building. it started on the fifth floor from what we understand in the common area. when firefighters arrived, that i had dangerous situation on their hands. people were jumping from the building and hanging from windows. take a listen to what some witnesses had to say. >> i saw when i came here a guy who jumped from the fifth floor and he was asking for some help. >> i heard screaming and a opened up the door and saw black smoke around the ceiling and flames coming out of furniture that was in the area of the hallway. >> reporter: generic very scary situation but the fire is out now. eight people taken to the hospital, five to the burn center. a child taken to children's hospital. at this point, they're still not sure what caused the fire. fire investigators are in the process of doing their investigation and we'll hopefully have more information about what exactly caused the fire as the morning goes on.
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our other big story. the search is on for more suspects in a drive-by shooting that followed a funeral in the district. late last night, three people were taken away in handcuffs and a car was towed from the scene. it is not cheer what their connect was though to the incident. the shooting happened in the afternoon right in the middle of the popular u street corridor. 21-year-old jamal coates was killed and two other people were injured. those arrests came hours later at a home on nearby gerard street. police towed away a tan buick regal. it was a funeral for 21-year- old ashley mccray that had just let out near u and 13th streets northwest. this morning, we are following developments on an alleged terror attack which was apparently planned in europe p intelligence officials in great britain and france was in its early stages but they were able to prevent it. the eiffel hour is now back
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open of a bomb threat closed it last night. this is the fourth threat against the landmark in paris in the last month. jimmy carter is recovering in a cleveland hospital one day after he became ill on a plane. doctors say it was just an upset stomach but they kept him overnight as a precaution. president obama called mr. carter to check up on him. the former president's secretary says he will resume his book tour today here this washington. a potential commuter nightmare in alexandria complements of the military base realignment plan. congressman jim moran will put one of the proposed solutions to the test and john henrehan is there. a live report. coming up in the next half hour. an event billed as a discussion on the economy turns personal when president obama answers questions about his faith and views on abortion. we'll be right back. ♪
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to put education, safety and job creation first, so stands with me, barack obama, in moving maryland forward with my friend, martin o'malley. >> president obama getting involved in maryland's politics. governor mart uno'malley's radio ad began airing in baltimore. it will hit d.c. air waves next week. o'malley hopes that it will help him beale former republican governor bob ehrlich. it appears governor o'malley is hitting high notes with likely voter as the new "washington post" poll has o'malley with a 52 to 41% lead over former governor bob earlyic. president obama is working his way across the country. he will make campaign appearances in iowa and richmond, virginia today. president hit new mexico and wisconsin yesterday talking about jobs, the economy, taxes and education. all of those key unders in the upcoming mid-term elections p during a stop in albuquerque, mr. obama talked about abortions saying the practice should remain legal but with
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some limbits on late-term abortions. the president also talked about religion describing to voters how he became a christian as a young adult. >> my mother was one of most spiritual people i knew but she didn't raise me in the church. so i came to my christian faith later in life and it was because of the precepts of jesus christ spoke to me in terms of the kind life that i would want to lead. >> a recent poll showed about a quarter of americans thought mr. obama was a muslim but the president has written about his christian faith in two memoirs and spoken about it repeatedly. south a warning for iphone users. we have a warning from police about an increase in crime. a tiny dog left to die in a
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dumpster. how he was finally rescued. 
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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we look at the mondayment, the jefferson memorial there. to the right, it is kind of chilly out there come pardon to what we've had recently. temperature down to 61 degrees at reagan national which is typically one of the warmer places in the area. >> nice start to the day though. i guess we better enjoy it. >> got lots of rain on the way. i call it comfortable. >> i love it. no complaints from me. >> seems like a little chilly out there. >> steve and julie. >> just compared to what we got used to. >> it feels like late september across the region with temperatures in the 50s, low 60s. let's get to it. today will be fine. it is tonight and during the daytime hours tomorrow that we're concerned about some very heavy rain on the way. currently, 61 degrees at reagan national. not a bad start. you can see the low 50s off to
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the north and west. gaithersburg, 52 for you. 52 in frederick. 52 at dulles and manassas. leonardtown, we are 59. comfortable start, highs later today, low to mid-70s. want to give you the set-up here. we are talking tropics. so far, the eastern atlantic has been where the main events have been taking place. things have shifted and now the ask shifts to the caribbean. tropical depression number 16 at this hour has been crossing through cuba during the overnight hours now into the florida straits headed autopsy cross eastern portions of florida and guess what? headed today north towards washington and we'll tap into a lot of this moisture. the bottom line is we'll be in for a soaking rain around here starting later tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow. it will get out of here by tomorrow night. when all is said and done being
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we could see several inches of rain across the washington area over the next 24 to 36 hours. clouds increasing. area of low pressure developing there into the carolinas and it will tap into the tropical depression i mentioned. look at all the heavy rain in miami. miami, about an inch and a half of rain in the past couple of hours. they have agot tropical storm warnings across southern florida. all of this moisture headed today north. we'll be in for sort of a long duration event around here starting tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow. lots of heavy rain. we've got a flash flood watch which begins later tonight. today, no problems. 73 your an high with increasing clouds an just the chance for a couple of late-day showers. main event arrives tonight. flash flood watch, rain likely heavy at times. overnight low, 65 degrees so a little warmer than little this morning with winds picking up. they will be kind of gusty around here during the day tomorrow with winds gusting probably 20 to 25 miles per
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hour. heavy rain tomorrow, could be some thunderstorms as well. it all gets out of here by early friday. right now, the weekend looks great at least dry but cool. highs only in the upper 60s by sunday. that is a look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest. >> a lot going on right now. the impact of that apartment fire can be seen along 16th street. sky fox is hovering over that right now. we have a portion of 16th street shut down in each direction between park road and columbia road. that will be the scene for quite some time now. for those coming southbound along 16th street, can you bail out at upsher and pick up a numbered street to avoid this mess here along 16th street. coming out of d.c. this morning, you will make a right
6:19 am
turn onto u street. that will take you back over toward your numbered street. we'll take it back inside wind we'll update the ride elsewhere. no accidents to report, just volume delays as you travel pri interchanges. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> we have a warning for iphone users in the district. in recent week, there have been at least a dozen robberies involving phones. police say many of the robberies happened in georgetown mostly at night. others were in dupont circle and in the shaw neighborhood. in some case, thieves just grab the phone or they might strike up a conversation to distract you and swipe the iphone, maybe even ask if they can make a call on it and then take it. no injuries have been reported. police say iphone users should be careful to conceal the device. the humane society is offering a reward to information to catch the person
6:20 am
would left a puppy in a dumpster. meet thomas. a woman who works in the leading office an a maintenance man discovered this little guy. >> we were cleaning around the dumpster and we heard something crying. so the gentleman climbed over and pulled it out an put it on the side and i went in and called animal control. >> that little thomas only weighs 10 pounds. he should be somewhere around 20 pounds. the washington humane society shelter says they will hold on to him for a few days why while it tries to track down the owner and then thomas will be up for adoption. he was named after the maintenance worker who found him. are you looking if a job? there is a career fair today for u.s. service members and their spouses. we'll have details coming up next. it was one of the hardest hit companies during the financial crisis. aig, is the company ready to make good on its debt to taxpayers now. our business beat is straight ahead.
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if you are a former member of the military looking for work, the biggest military career fair in washington, d.c. kick off at 10:00 this morning. it is free but you have to be active duty, refired or a former reserve or national guard service member or a spouse of one. 100 employers will be at the washington convention center until 3:00. aig is working to pay back its debt to american taxpayers. adam shapiro is here with our business beat. i guess the government can kind of back out with aig paying back the debt. >> not exactly. they are negotiating about converting the preferred shares the treasury holds in aig, make them common shares. we would begin slowly selling the shares on the open market. roughly$50billion aig owes u.s.
6:25 am
tax pays on top of a $46 billion deal already in the work to repay some of the credit. they have a line of credit with the federal reserve worth billions upon billions as carl sagan would say. don't expect it to be paid back any time soon. >> we'll be watching that what today. then on an upswing yesterday. >> yeah, despite we had some bad economic yesterday with consumer confidence. look at that, georgetown university, symbolically doing the closing bell at the new york stock exchange. this morning, futures, don't want to talk about it. they indicate we'll open if roughly three hours and start selling off. we need to talk about hoya. it means what rock. and christopher columbus,
6:26 am
apparently there was this ancient order of rock worshippers and among them was one of the people would got out on the boat. he found a rock which was then transported to the washington d.c. area, buried on the grounds which are now georgetown university and legend has it that former vice president spiro agn etch y once dug up the rock and threw into t. into -- agnew once dug up the rock and threw it into the chesapeake bay. i have no idea what i'm talking about. >> i didn't know well get a history lesson. >> i'm channeling james joyce. what do they call it, stream of consciousness. gold, if we break 1315 an ounce being watch out. people worried about i awake dollar. >> we'll look for you -- we'll see what you have for us tomorrow. thank you. we're following a big story
6:27 am
this morning in our area. an overnight blaze which sends firefighter into rescue mode. several people were injured. john? >> reporter: this is john henrehan in the west end of alexandria. when these huge new dod buildings open in about a year, what it is going to do it commuters in northern virginia? a traffic test is scheduled for this morning. we'll have a live report coming up. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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life's not perfect. that's why there's perdue perfect portions. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. we'll update the situation down in motion -- in mexico where they had mudslide. authorities do say 11 people are missing. roads are still blocked in the southern area of mexico after yesterday's mudslides washed out a major bridge in that area. >> tucker is back with another check on our weather. >> yeah, nice cool start to the day. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s across the area. a little sunshine out there and then the clouds move in and we'll get some rain and some
6:31 am
heavy rain around here later tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow. we've got a flood watch. >> already? >> already. and it look like a major event here. we'll take a look at current conditions. as we get into the day, just fine, very comfortable with temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. satellite-radar showing you the cloud cover. the rain showers holding off to our south. maybe later today for your evening commute, you might see a few light sprinkles but for the most part, today should be just fine with clouds increasing and cool temperatures. our highs today will only be in had the low 80s. i mentioned the rain arrives in earnest tonight. it will be heavy at time overnight into the daytime hours tomorrow. because that, the national weather service has already issued a flash flood watch for all of the counties in green. it is all of the mid-atlantic. can you see the green extending up into delaware, pennsylvania and new jersey at this hour. most of the eastern seaboard
6:32 am
will get a soak, a real deluge around here over the next couple of days. our current temperatures, 61- degree at reagan national. humidity, 70%. wind are oust north at eight myrrh. they will be shifting later today ads we await the arrival of storms from our south. -- winds are out of the north at eight miles per hour. not much rain today. more details on the forecast. i've got a weather guy question that human have been answering for years. >> ask adam shapiro. he may have the answers. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> not easy at all out there on the highway. it was an apartment fire which took place back around 4:00 this morning and we do have i portion of 16th street that remains closed off in each direction between park road and columbia road. that is what sky fox is zoomed
6:33 am
in on us for. you would come inbound along 16th street. not going to be available this morning. 16th street remains closed between park road and columbia road due on an apartment fire. we'll update the trip out in the west. heavy and slow, that is how she rolls out towards 123. make no mistake. we still have delays out in manassas traveling between the two 4 interchanges. show traffic at the beltway. no problems reported traveling between annandale and merrifield. top side of the beltway gridlocked right now. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. let's get more now on the situation yuley was talking about. several people injured in a fire on 16th street. >> sarah simmons has been there live for us throughout the morning. what is the latest? >> reporter: the latest is the fire is out.
6:34 am
investigators are in the process of looking into what exactly caused the fire. a very devastating fire. as you mentioned, several injuries that we are talking about here. we had eight people that were taken to the hospital. how serious are we talking about here? >> yes, ma'am being we have two in critical condition. the others are transported to several hospitals in the area, two to gw, one to children's hospital and five to medstar. >> sky what you saw when you got here. a pretty massive fire when you arrived on the scene. >> yes, ma'am. the alarm was received at approximately 3:45 this morning. the unit from the district of columbia fewer department received the call for a building fire. the first unit arrived within one minute. upon arrival, they had heavy fire conditions from the fifth floor with numerous occupants
6:35 am
hanging from the windows at which point they had to make numerous ladder rescues from the exterior of the building. they also encountered heavy smoke and fire conditions on the fifth floor with the occupants evacuating from the eight-story apartment building here which made this fire kind of hard to fight because the fire was in awe common area blocking some of the route of travel for the occupants that live above the fisk to theating floor. >> reporter: it is pretty staggering to hear people hanging from windows when you arrive here. was it so bad that the fire was coming out of the windows or do you think people had panicked and were trying to do what they could to get away. >> that is something i don't know. jut put yourself in their position. being this time of the morning, most of us are asleep and we get awoke from a dead sleep and you find heavy smoke conditions, you are coughing, choking, you will do whatever you can to to get out. >> thank you so much for
6:36 am
talking with us this morning. a lot of people that do live in this apartment building, they have set up a nearby temporary shelter where they are taking some of the folk who have been displaced. we don't have a number right now. this is something they will be vehicling for the next several hours here in northwest. i'm sarah simmons live in northwest. back to you. >> thank you. our other big story we are following, the search continues for more suspects after a drive- by shooting that followed a funeral in the district. late last night, three people were taken away in handcuffs and a car was towed from the scene but it is not clear what their connection was to the incident earlier in the day. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon in the middle of the popular u street corridor. 21-year-old jamal coates was killed an two other people injured. those arrests came hours later at the home on nearby gerard street. police as we said also towed away a car, a tan buick regal. it was a funeral for 21-year- old ashley mccray that had just
6:37 am
let out. >> it was after church but i heard the gunshots. >> what do you make of what happened today? >> senseless and something needs to be done about the violence here in the city. >> this resulted from a taunting at a funeral. this was a towning! we have this kind of serious consequence as a result. a large section of u street was shut down for hours. it reopened last night. there have been warnings of major track problems related to the military base realignment in the alexandria area. >> 1,000 jobs are relocating from crystal city to areas off the metro route. today, virginia congressman jim moran is going to personally test one possible solution and john henrehan is joining us live from alexandria with more on this. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: i am in the west end of alexandria. this is the huge federal con instruct project behind me goes
6:38 am
by the inglorious name of brac 133. let's so you on the map where we are. we are in the west end of alexandria along the shirley highway where it intersects with seminary road. this is an enormous facility with two huge buildings. a 17-story and a 15-story tower. 6400 dod workers are going to be transferred to the facility possibly as soon as about a year from now. an there is no metro stop mere here. most of those people used to work in crystal city. the dod estimates about 0% will come in from a shuttle from the franconia metro station. congressman jim moran is deeply skeptical. he will run a real-time rush hour test. he will take a faux shutting from the metro station to here to see exactly how long that will take. he is not optimistic. he thinks it is going to clog traffic along 395 because of the size of this facility nowhere close to metro.
6:39 am
solutions? we don't know. we don't know how long it will take? maybe congressman moran will be surprised. i doubt t i think he has done his research. possible solutions in the future? moran has been talking about a special overpass from the shirly highway to this huge project. that is not in the current plan. it is not currently funded but he is hoping to bang the drum and get some support for that plan. we'll hear more later this morning when the congressman tr in northern virginia. >> thank you. appreciate that. another report of bed bugs popping up in our area. this one is leading to a lawsuit. all coming up next. how one woman is making her dreams come true because of aling project that began on youtube. -- because of a little project that began on youtube. we'll have that story when we come back.  [ electronic humming ]
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making headlines, the fda has warned three countries to -- companies to stop making claims that their product remove plaque. this is the latest effort to stop false advertising. mary ivano admitted that she and her husband eight glass particles and then filed false insurance claims that they had been injured in restaurants, hotel and grocery stores in massachusetts, rhode island, maryland and d.c. the couple collected more than $200,000. mary will be sentenced in december. her husband is already serving a five-year prison sentence. an ellicott city couple suing their landlord because pesky bed bugs took over their apartment building. they claim they were bitten by bed bugs for plm a month and the management company did nothing to get rid of them. they allege the landlord merely inspected their apartment.
6:44 am
they ended up moving out after their #-year-old daughter was bitten repeatedly. >> shortly after that, mrs. brown began to be bitten at night and one night she woke one about 25 bites. >> how much are you asking for. >> half awe million dollars. >> the lawsuit also claim there were other bed bug cases and expects more bed bug cases against other landlords. let's not talk about lawsuits. let's just talk about a nice day today. >> a decent day today. we've got clouds on the increase. we've got highs only in the low 70s. later tonight, the rain arrives and it will be heavy rain for the daytime hours tomorrow. we'll be looking at a deluge. we'll have a flash flood watch and we'll show that to you. the potential is out there for several inches rain. steve looks concerned right now. >> i'm wondering what deluge actually translates to. >> that means a lot of rain. let's take a look at downtown
6:45 am
washington. 60 in annapolis. these temperatures a good 10 degrees cooler than they were yesterday at this hour. lots of low 50s as well. gaithersburg, 52. frederick, 52. mart unsburg is 50. culpeper, 54. i mentioned our afternoon highs way be in the low to mid-70s. yesterday, we were in the mid- 80s. much cooler than yesterday. the clouds will arrive in earnest today. it is t. will be a one-two combination over the next cup # of days. we have this whole frontal system hanging out just off the coast. we'll watch an area of low pressure. the storm will tap into this, tropical depression number 16 forecast to be tropical storm matthew right here across the florida straits as we speak bringing extremely heavy rain to miami right now. let's take a look at hd radar. i want to show you that.
6:46 am
miami, there is one of the bands of the system. about two inches of rain in just the last couple of hours. they are expecting wind gust down here, 40 to 50 miles per hour. it is possible we'll get four to five to six inches of rain across florida. you get the idea. we'll have a lot of tropical moisture available and all of this way be streaming north over the next 4 hours. around here, i think the ran arrives later tonight. might have a few showers around for the evening commute. the heavy rain gets in overnight into the day time hours thursday. we are under a flash flood watch, not today. this arrives later tonight and will be in effect during the daytime hours tomorrow. expecting extremely heavy rain. two, three, perhaps four inches of rain across ports of the area as the system pushes to the north. it will get out of here late thursday and by friday, we'll be back into the sunshine although it will be cool around
6:47 am
here for the weekend. 73 today, increasing clouds. heavy rain. could be some embedded thunderstorm activity. it will feel like october around here for the weekend. highs on sunday and monday, only in the 60s. definitely returning to fall once we get rid of the tropical system. a lot of rain around here. we'll have to take all necessary preaugusts precautions as we will get a lot of rain. time for ask the weather guy. i want it know what i really enjoy doing is helping people with family advertise piewts. that is what we're doing. i like to make a difference in people's lives. we got a question from erin in fairfax. trying to settle a family
6:48 am
argument. she says can you splees explain the difference between a pig and a hog. i think they're related but my mom says a hog is simply a grown-up pig. >> i'm going to leave this one to you. >> gurvir? >> i used to ride hogs when i lived on a farm years ago. >> you are a farmer. >> i don't know. >> of a >> i've got the answers inform europe, they are all known as pigs. doesn't matter how old they are, what size they are. in europe, it is a pig. here in our country, the united states, a young swipe not yet weighing 10 pounds is a pig. >> and the big guys are the hogs. >> and the big guys, once they get older, more physically mature and weigh more than 120 pounds, they are known as a
6:49 am
hog. >> so it is a size thing. >> it is a size thing and an age thing. i think the words are used interchangeably. >> erin's mom was right. >> yes. >> i thought the hogs were football players. >> the razorbacks. that is a kind of hog. >> how about porky? what would he be ? >> he is a pig. >> if you have a question, go to and click on the weather tab. can you ask way question. you're right. they are eight hogs. >> we learned a lot this morning. >> thank you very much. let's some of on and got a look at traffic. i know it has been a busy morning. >> learning a little too much. gurvir riding a pig around on the farm. oh, my goodness. >> i was only nine. >> all right. on the roads right now, you will fine the lane are open if
6:50 am
you are continuing that trip along 95 northbound. leaving dale city trying to get through woodbridge and head up towards lorton. main line slowing down here as you continue northbound delays. newington to springfield, more slow traffic and again crossing the 14th street bridge. 66 on the brakes in manassas. 28 and 29 in centreville. southbound # 70 gridlocked right now out of clarkburg. this carries you down to mva and then the pace improves only to slow again falls road to the lane divide. no change in our scene downtown. northwest washington, 16th street remains closed between park road and columbia road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. she has become a youtube phenom. a former waitress, now the web site's number one make-up guru. >> we are introduced to michelle fawn and shows us how
6:51 am
she made herself over into a sensation. >> reporter: from how to create a seductive smoky eye to applying make-occupy a plane, michelle is on the web helping legions of fan put on their very best face. >> i am a multimedia artist. >> this is where all the magic happens. >> reporter: magic is a good way to describe what happened to michelle. every new video attracted more viewers until last fall she left school and quit her job as a sushi waitress. >> finally i decided to -- maybe i should just tax a shot. what do i have to lose? school is always here p youtube may be once in a lifetime. >> reporter: was there a moment or a video that you knew this was going to be big? >> the lady gaga video. >> she is fresh, innovative and talented.
6:52 am
>> reporter: her fans went gaga for gaga. it is well over 17 million hits and still growing. >> every time i check it, it just goes up. it is crazy. i just can't even imagine it. >> reporter: she also can't imagine lancome cosmetics would notice and make her their first official video make-up artist. that has landed her in popular magazines including the flagship of the fashion and beauty world, vogue. >> i fruit up reading vogue and i never in a million years that you had i would end up being in vogue. >> reporter: michelle shows us how she make her videos. seated in frntd a cam corder with her big screen steve as the background. >> i start off with a product. i show it so the audience can see it. >> she takes us step by step through the basics. >> i like to start from the
6:53 am
outer and work my way in. men are so scared because it looks lick a death trap to the eyes. have you to do this to curl your lashes. >> she shoots, she edits, she adds the music on her mac. >> you are the producer, the director the audio person, the video person and the talent. >> yes. i am a one-woman studio and i'm very proud of it. it is haunting. >> reporter: a one woman studio destined for audiences beyond youtube. >> and we're done. we're done. >> not a chance. it is only just begun. >> all right. >> still working from home and making a big splash. this year the country of chile celebrating a bicentennial. >> we'll check in with holly coming up at the chilean embassy. that is next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. cs
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